June 21, 2017 – SUMMERFIELD

Medical Marijuana Awareness Day at Summerfield

Medical Marijuana Awareness Days are a series of conferences held throughout Florida with a goal to educate the public on the benefits of of medical marijuana with an accessible and balanced platform.

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After this conference, Matoza, Davis, and Vance agreed to come on as staples of the MMAD event experience, with talks on medical marijuana research and resources, medical marijuana’s history and current legality and regulations, and the human endocannabinoid system.

Event Details

City The Villages
Date June 21, 2017
Session 9am-3pm
Venue The Waterfront Inn

Check In

As attendees entered the lobby, Janet (pictured) and Lee were ready to check them in and distribute handouts and wristbands for lunch!

Lobby at the Waterfront Inn

The Waterfront Inn was a beautiful location for the event, and the staff were beyond helpful.

Getting Connected Before the Conference

The conference room started to fill up an hour before the doors were officially going to be opened, and attendees got to mingle with speakers and industry representatives before the event began. Behind the seating area, sponsoring dispensaries set up displays. On the other side of the room, educational resources and qualified clinics had displays on either side of the speakers’ stage

A Packed Conference Room

We had a full house as the conference officially began. In this photo, speaker Turner Davis waits at the right of the stage to be introduced.

Welcome Address

Speaker Marc Matoza of Marijuana Med Today gave the opening address, and helped answer audience questions between speakers. Marc and Linda Bruce were the force behind this event, and it’s thanks to all their hard work that it went so well.

Surterra at MMAD

Surterra Wellness had a fantastic display and a new video you can see on their website, not to mention some great speakers! Surterra is a medical marijuana dispensary company and sponsor of Medical Marijuana Awareness Days.

“How to Get a Florida ID Card” with Turner Davis

Turner Davis of MMTC Clinics of Florida spoke about how to get a Florida medical marijuana registry ID card, explaining the regulations around medical marijuana in Florida and how to navigate the process to qualify for treatment and legal possession within the state.

Knox and Dr. Joe Dorn

Dr. Joe Dorn from MMTC Clinics of Florida joins Knox staff in this photo. The organizers behind Medical Marijuana Awareness Days are very proud to be able to bring doctors and dispensaries out to the patients to answer questions in person and explain pieces of the state MM process. This wide scale kind of face-to-face interaction serves as a great reminder that everything we do should be focused on the patients as individuals.

Trulieve at MMAD

Trulieve’s table had all kinds of treatments, and staff left no question unanswered during the busy vendor fair!