The back of our handout for the event had the speaker bios! • Marc Matoza, Marijuana Med Today • Josephine Krehl, LCSW • Turner Davis, MMTC Marketing Manager • Cameron Vance, MMTC CIO


The front of our handout for the event! Agenda and sponsor information, featuring: • Marijuana Med Today • MMTC Clinics of Florida • Trulieve • Knox Medical • Surterra Wellness!

Busy Sponsors

Behind the seating area, sponsoring dispensaries set up displays! On the other side of the room, educational resources and qualified clinics had displays on either side of the speakers’ stage. They were busy !

KNOX with MMTC’s Dr Dorn

  Knox had a great set up and some seriously smart presenters and employees! Dr. Joe Dorn, MD from MMTC Clinics of Florida came over to join the photo.

Surterra Wellness

Surterra Wellness had a fantastic display and a new video you can see on their website. Not to mention great speakers.