Frequently Asked Questions

What are Medical Marijuana Awareness Days?

Medical Marijuana Awareness Days are a series of conferences held throughout Florida with a goal to educate the public on the benefits of medical marijuana with an accessible and balanced platform.

See more details on the About MMAD page!

Why do I need to register to attend?

We understand that medical marijuana is currently a controversial topic, and it feels strange to volunteer your name and email to be recorded in association with a cannabis-related event.

The reasons we ask for registration are: to get an idea of how many seats each session will need, to be able to cap each session at a certain number of attendees in order to comply with fire safety codes at each venue, and to send you a reminder email the day before the event.

We do not ask for an excess of personal information when reserving your seat, and your information will not be given or sold to any third party.

Is marijuana really legal in Florida?

Medical marijuana is legal in Florida and has been for some time, thanks to the 71% vote for the Compassionate Care Act, aka Amendment 2. You can read more about regulations at the website for Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use.¬†MMAD conferences do include presentations on the legality and state regulation.

Why “medical” marijuana?

The big difference with medical cannabis vs recreational is the need for a consistent, dependable dosage– something that’s very difficult to achieve out of whole flower due to variations in individual plants and even different parts of a single plant. Exact dosage is not a focus when it comes to recreational product. Patients need to be able to know that the product they us for symptom relief is the same one that worked for them last time.

Why hasn’t there been a conference where I live yet?

Since the first MMAD conference in June 2016, we’ve brought these events to the Villages, Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Longwood/Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. We want to keep holding medical cannabis education conferences all over the state, but we need interested people need to speak up and let us know where we’re wanted. You can leave a comment or send a direct message through our Facebook or Twitter, or shoot us an email at

Why are conferences usually on weekdays?

¬†We’d love to hold MMAD conferences on a variety of days, but right now it’s about cost– in order to keep conferences free for patients, we work with a fairly small budget, and venues are typically much cheaper on weekdays. We’d rather offer multiple sessions throughout one weekday than rent a venue for one short session on a weekend at the same cost.

Who is behind these conferences?

You can read about the original team behind MMAD events on our about page! The current Medical Marijuana Awareness Days are able to be free for attendees thanks to the support of a growing pool of cannabis education resources, patient advocate groups, dispensaries, and clinics, including MarijuanaMedToday, MMTClinics of Florida, The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, NORML, Aphria, Knox Medical, and Surterra Wellness.

How can I help?

These cannabis education events are an effort to provide the public with a free and credible source of information on the benefits of medical marijuana, and we love that you also want to provide people with education and resources! A few things you can do to help:

1) Make your voice heard by calling the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use at 850-245-4657 or send them an email at

2) Call your elected officials, such as governors and senators, and impress upon them the importance of this issue — Florida could become a wonderful example of a functioning medical marijuana system if we can get it efficiently reformed.

3) Tell people around you about medical marijuana, and educate when you hear misinformation.

4) Keep up this enthusiasm! The amendment we all passed to come this far was called the Compassionate Care Act, and that’s exactly what we need– compassion to look after our communities, and give patients all over, the power to choose medical marijuana.