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Medical Marijuana Awareness Seminars are a series of conferences held throughout Florida with a goal to educate the public on the benefits of of medical marijuana in Florida, with a reliable and balanced platform.

You can contact the team behind the events at (844) 682-8261 or by email at

We are also available via Facebook and Twitter.

The Founders of MMAS Events

Medical Marijuana Awareness Seminars were jump-started by Marc Matoza and Linda Bruce of Marijuana Med Today [MMT] They noticed the medical marijuana events being held through Florida were not targeted for patients and did not provide patients educational information.  AND most of the conference had high admission costs, which were prohibitive for most Floridians in need of Compassionate Care.

Marc and Linda teamed up with the Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida [MMTC] and gathered a team of physicians, pharmacists, medical marijuana leaders, and patients to plan and host a series of conferences that would be approachable for people entirely new to medical cannabis, yet useful for long-time patients. Through a combination of speakers, practical product introduction, and interaction with medical experts and experienced patients, attendees can learn about how medical marijuana works within the human body and on different conditions, as well as how to navigate the system of laws and regulations surrounding medical marijuana prescriptions in Florida.

Marijuana Med Today [MMT] is a cannabis education website that uses easy-to-access technology to provide an approachable resource to introduce and educate the public on the diverse benefits of medical marijuana, as well as to equip people with access to credible product resources.