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Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Claucous Alfaro

Community Educator, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Claucous Alfaro
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Claucous (Claus) Alfaro is a dedicated Community Educator and Activist, and his passion for helping others shines through in everything he does.

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Colombia, Claus always knew he wanted to help people live healthier, longer lives. With more than a decade of experience in the alternative medicine industry, along with his work in the Florida Medical Marijuana industry, he has done exactly that. Now he’s set his sights on helping increase the current cannabis patient population in Florida to more than one million patients through his work with Trulieve.

In his free time, Claus enjoys spending time with friends and family, training CrossFit, traveling, and listening to music. He’s always looking for ways to learn and grow, and he hopes to inspire more people to invest in their health.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Chrissy Beresford

Regional Sales Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Chrissy Beresford
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Chrissy Beresford made her way into the medical cannabis industry following the unexpected death of a loved one, and now spends most her days providing education to physicians, patients, and members of the community on the medicinal properties and healing benefits of cannabis. Chrissy is making it one of her life’s missions to bring awareness and understanding around alternative forms of medicine and therapy, and in addition to her extensive work in medical cannabis education has become a 200 hr accredited yoga teacher via the Yoga Alliance.

The previous Arthritis & Medical Marijuana webinar on June 4th was held from MÜV’s Lady Lake dispensary at 929 US-441 Highway. Learn more about MÜV at or call 833-880-5420.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Lisa Black

Community Educator, Insa

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Lisa Black is the Community Educator for Insa. Born and raised in Wareham, Massachusetts, she is responsible for managing internal cannabis trainings, as well as community education and outreach events for Insa. She is endlessly enthusiastic about all aspects of cannabis, from product innovation to new discoveries in cannabis science.

In her five years in the industry Lisa has both hosted and participated in frequent educational events, using her knowledge to help hundreds of people on their cannabis journeys. She has been featured in articles on cannabis educational websites like Leafly and Benzinga. When not talking about cannabis, she loves to paint, go for nature walks with her daughter, and play cooperative board games with her husband.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Liz Bohn

Central Outreach Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Liz Bohn
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Liz Bohn is a true believer in the cannabis plant as medicine, driven by its healing properties to restore, boost, and balance overall health and wellness. Liz is coming up on seven years devoted to her plant-based lifestyle and diet, and has recently incorporated the marijuana plant into her practice of knowledge.

Liz is the Central Outreach Manager with MÜV by Verano, with a mission to provide research-based knowledge to doctors, patients, and the community on cannabis-infused products, with attention to detail on the medicinal properties and unique features carried in each MÜV product. Liz holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from UCF.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Andrew Burke

Physician Engagement Manager, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Andrew Burke
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Andrew was born and raised in the small beach town of Hobe Sound, Florida, grew up spending most of his time playing organized sports, studying, and relaxing with his family at the beach. He experienced firsthand what a well-connected and empowered community can do for its members, when the town rallied in support of his mother's victory against breast cancer. During his mother's battle against breast cancer, Andrew began his battle for patient access to medical marijuana here in Florida.
Andrew left his small beach town to continue his education at Florida State University and shortly after graduating took his first position with Trulieve, as a Patient Consultant in Tallahassee, FL. He spent a year working in the first dispensary in the state and acted as a Community Educator for his home town area. In this role, Andrew felt for the first time that he was able to give back to the community that gave his mother the means and hope to survive one of his family's most trying times. Now Andrew oversees Trulieve's Community Education team across the state.
Learn more about Trulieve at or call 844-878-5438.
Webinars Featuring Chris Cano
Read more about Chris Cano

Christopher Cano is a United States Air Force Veteran and Public Administrator who currently serves as an organizer for social justice. Armed with multiple degrees from the University of South Florida and years of experience in Florida politics, Chris strives to be at the forefront of multiple movements working to affect change in America. Currently he serves on several local and state-wide boards of various nonprofit and advocacy organizations. His scholarly work, A Comparative and Policy Analysis of Cannabis Prohibition with Recommendations for Florida’s Medical Marijuana System, was lauded by fellow academics as the most in-depth research on the subject ever conducted by a student from the University of South Florida's School of Public Affairs.

Christopher's professional experience working as a Legislative Analyst in the Florida Legislature, for several Social Justice Organizations, and a major Fortune 500 Company in the Pharmaceutical Industry give him a wealth of knowledge that he applies everyday. His post-graduate work as a Professor teaching educational seminars combined with his professional and his academic experience make him one of the top industry professionals. Chris currently serves as Executive Director for the Suncoast Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in the state of Florida.

Brian David surterra

Brian David

Winter Haven Store Manager, Surterra Wellness / Parallel

Webinars Featuring Brian David

Meet Surterra / November 18, 2020

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Brian has been a member of Surterra, now Parallel, since Mid 2018. His educational background is nursing at Florida State University where he also served as a Midshipmen in the United States Navy. Before joining Parallel, Brian's experience and skills led him to open and operate various restaurants and bars throughout the Tampa Bay Area. As a member of Parallel, he has held many titles that highlighted his career.

In four short months of taking over Winter Haven as the Store Manager, he hired and trained a brand-new staff while simultaneously bringing up a top-performing store. The Winter Haven location is now consistently within the top five stores in the organization. He has collaborated with other departments such as logistics, education, and retail to create different projects within the community and work environment.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Turner Davis, RPh

Pharmacist, Medical Marijuana Specialist
Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida

Webinars Featuring Turner Davis, RPh
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Turner has over 20 years of experience operating, marketing, and eventually owning medical businesses. In 1998 Turner formed and took on a position as president of Vital Care of North Florida, also known as Total Care, Inc., a retail pharmacy specializing in long-term care and infusion pharmacy. It was sold to National in 2010.

Total Care Medical opened as a medical supply provider and compounding pharmacy in 2001, and Turner served as COO/Pharmacy Sales Manager. The company expanded with locations in 20 states, and changed business focus several times to stay innovative with evolving industry trends. Turner was focused on sales training and product development from 2012-2016 and managed over 100 sales reps at market peak.

He has formed professional relationships in the Florida Medical Marijuana industry over the last 3 years and used his management experience to move Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida, as well as the industry, forward into the modern day.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Dr. Anthony Ferrari

Chief Science Officer, SunMed

Webinars Featuring Dr. Ferrari, MD
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Dr. Anthony Ferrari is originally from Farmington Maine and went to Ithaca College to pursue his undergraduate degree in chemistry. After working on fuel cell research at Ithaca College during his undergraduate work, he continued education at Florida State University under Dr. Albert Stiegman where he obtained his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry studying microwave catalysis with specific application in the coal gasification processes. In 2015 he joined an essential oil and CBD company in Colorado where he utilized his analytical techniques to study terpene characterization and its interaction with CBD and other cannabinoids. His interest in plant medicine as a modern solution to pharmaceuticals has led him to Sunmed where he will continue to design CBD based formulations that utilize modern chemical applications. Dr. Ferrari is working alongside FIU and 7 athletic trainers to further their education and specifically use SunMed’s extracts to study: sleep, anxiety, recovery, and pain associated with different athletic populations and even some non-athletic groups. He has also worked with the University of Florida researchers to study HIV impacts with CBD and other pain/recovery models.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Alex Ford

Community Outreach, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Alex Ford
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Alex is from central Florida and has lived here his whole life and has always enjoyed being outdoors and exploring the natural beauty Florida has to offer both above and below the surface. In spite of the climate, he developed a love for ice hockey at a young age and still plays to this day. He also played for the University of South Florida where he attended college, majoring in psychology.

Alex began working for Trulieve in October 2017 and has been a community educator for 2+ years. He has a deep passion for spreading awareness and educating the communities of central Florida to the medicinal benefits and potential of Medical Cannabis after losing 2 close friends to cancer and opioid addiction. He loves where he lives, what he does, and the communities he serves, and is excited to be a part of the MMAW series.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Zachary Franckhauser

Community Educator, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Zachary Franckhauser
Read more about Zachary Franckhauser

Zachary Franckhauser was born and raised in Tallahassee, the same city where he began with Trulieve at their very first dispensary in 2016. He is a Physician and Community Educator, providing in-depth information about Trulieve products, the benefits of medical marijuana, and ways to obtain a Florida medical marijuana card.

Zach uses medical cannabis daily to improve focus, manage stress, and allow a quicker recovery time after working out. It is his goal to work with major hospitals, clinics, and organizations to destigmatize cannabis to the point where it is used as a primary treatment option. In his role Zachary has onboarded 150+ physicians, which has helped around 15k+ patients in the North Florida region obtain their medical marijuana card and part ways with harmful OTC medications.

When Zach has spare time he enjoys playing golf, being surrounded by friends and family, and long play dates on the beach with his dachshund, Jackson.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Jenni Fried

Regional Sales Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Jenni Fried

Seniors & Medical Marijuana  /  May 5, 2021
Seniors & Medical Marijuana  /  January 13, 2021
Seniors & Medical Marijuana  /  September 23, 2020

Read more about Jenni Fried

 Jenni Fried made her way into the medical cannabis industry following her mother’s unexpected diagnosis of cancer, previously working as a speech-language pathologist in the school system. She now spends most of her days providing education to physicians, patients, and members of the community on the medicinal properties and healing benefits of cannabis.

In addition to being a proponent and advocate of this plant, she is an avid Disney lover, loves to follow the Dave Matthews Band, and is passionate about fitness and overall health and wellness. Jenni loves engaging with the community and spreading education and information about alternative medicinal treatments.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Scott Gerhardt

Co-founder & Owner, Cannidex

Webinars Featuring Scott Gerhardt

Topicals / November 3, 2021

Read more about Scott Gerhardt

Scott Gerhardt is a co-founder and owner of Cannidex Brands, LLC (“Cannidex”). Cannidex is a CBD Topical available online and in select retail locations throughout the United States. In 2018, Scott launched CDX+, a THC version of Cannidex. CDX+ was subsequently licensed to Alternative Solutions LLC in Washington D.C. (2019) and Pharmicated LLC in Oklahoma (2020). Scott has been a Key Badge holder with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division since 2017. ​

Prior to co-founding Cannidex, Scott founded Migraderm, a company focused on developing and distributing transdermal therapeutic creams for individuals suffering from migraine headaches. ​

Prior to founding Migraderm, Scott spent over 12 years in Life Sciences engaging in challenging business and operations roles with some of the top names in the industry including Schering Plough, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Smith & Nephew. Prior to Scott’s engagements within the Life Sciences industry, Scott worked as a securities trader for Chase Bank in Manhattan. Scott also worked as an Associate in the expert network industry at the Coleman Research Group. ​

Scott earned an MBA with a focus in Finance from San Diego State University, a BA from Bucknell University, and he served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.​

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Kim Hawkes

Director of Physician Management, Surterra Wellness / Parallel

Webinars Featuring Kim Hawkes

Post-Traumatic Stress & Medical Marijuana / November 24, 2020
Meet Surterra / November 18, 2020
Arthritis & Medical Marijuana / October 28, 2020

Read more about Kim Hawkes

Kim has been a member of the Surterra Wellness Team since early 2017, running the gauntlet from community relations and marketing, to government and policy-related communications, and now specifically, physician community relations for our corporate entity, Parallel.

Before joining Surterra Wellness, now Parallel, Kim served as the External Affairs Coordinator for the Office of Medical Marijuana Use in the Florida Department of Health, conducting all external relations and educating constituents on the regulatory structure of medical cannabis in Florida. Immediately preceding that role, Kim served in the Executive Office of former Governor Rick Scott in various executive capacities. Having worked on statewide political campaigns in multiple communications-related roles, Kim has a strong background in advocacy, communications & relationship management.

Kim earned her Bachelors Degree in International Affairs and Political Science from Florida State University. She is a proud military brat residing in Tallahassee with her husband and two young daughters.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Gregory Holt, PhD RRT FAASM

President, Texas Society of Sleep Professionals
Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine
Director of Operations and Polysomnography,
Respiratory Quality Services

Webinars Featuring Gregory Holt
Read more about Gregory Holt

Dr. Gregory Holt is the Director of Operations and Polysomnography for Respiratory Quality Services (RQS) in Houston, TX. Dr. Holt has been trained as a respiratory therapist at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, LA. He’s worked in the acute care setting on code teams, ventilator management, labor & delivery, and hyperbaric medicine. He has administrative experience as the Asst. Director of Respiratory Care at E.A. Conway Memorial Hospital, Monroe, LA., Director of Pulmonary Diagnostic Testing at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA., and Program Director of Respiratory Care, Florida A&M University.

He completed his education at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine, earning a Doctorate in Physiology in 1992 while studying Respiratory Muscle Afferent Signal Processing. He has been involved in clinical sleep medicine for 25 years prior to his arrival at RQS. Dr. Holt participated in the initiation of the Sleep Diagnostic Laboratory at Temple University Hospital in 1992. He was Board Certified as a Clinical Sleep Specialist by the American Board of Sleep Medicine in 2005 and since has helped thousands of patients with sleep/wake disorders. Dr. Holt has been the Medical Director of sleep clinics in Florida, he’s held joint appointments with UT Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine at Temple University Hospital, Pulmonary Medicine at the Audie Murphy Memorial VA Hospital and the Sleep Therapy & Research Institute in San Antonio. Dr. Holt continues his interests in clinical patient care and remains active as a Respiratory Therapist at the South Texas ALS Clinic and the Houston Methodist ALS Clinic. He has been involved with Veteran’s Health while working as a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist and diving with patients suffering from traumatic brain injury.

His research interests are in the control of breathing, diagnostic testing in the ALS population and sleep medicine. Dr. Holt has published a number of peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters in the field. His most recent publication is a book chapter on the Principles of Mechanical Ventilation (Shelledy & Peters, eds., 2019).

Currently, Dr. Holt serves as a member of the HME-RT Council, American Association for Homecare, an item writer for the National Board of Respiratory Care, and President of the Texas Society of Sleep Professionals. He continues to work with the ALS Association, and local support and community groups while enjoying participating in ALS sponsored events. He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, enjoys sailing, diving, hunting & fishing. Dr Holt is married and has 5 children which he jokes about, pointing to his interest as a long-distance motorcyclist.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Randy Jelks Jr.

Community Educator, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Randy Jelks
Read more about Randy Jelks

Randy Jelks Jr. is a native of Fort Myers FL who educates his community on the benefits and effects of medical cannabis. He has been with Trulieve for over four years and loves what he does in his role as a Community Educator within the company. Randy was drawn into the world of medical cannabis due to beingafter finding relief as a patient with this extraordinary plant, and was on a mission to share the joy or relief with others. He has been a part of many different events within his area, one being the “Wellness Day in the Park” as his 2021 initiative in Bonita Springs as well as being a part of Crohn’s charity food bank handing out food to the community of Naples and Lee County. Randy is Leafly-certified as well as a recipient of the community service award of the year for the city of Fort Myers. He is very passionate about his role within the company and understands education is key within this program and in the community.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Shari Kaplan, LCSW

Founder, Cannetctd Wellness
Founder & Creator, The Can't Tell Foundation

Webinars Featuring Shari Kaplan, LCSW
Read more about Shari Kaplan, LCSW

Since 1991, Kaplan has been working with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families. Her career began in Manhattan with children and families who have HIV/AIDS, as well as children, adolescents, and individuals with cancer, neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia and neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc). Issues of death and dying, physical and sexual abuse, daily life skills, support groups and substance abuse were among the areas treated. Kaplan has created and conducted trainings for clinicians on the Strengths/Perspective, Resiliency Enhancement model. She is published on this modality of treatment in both books and journals.

As the co-founder of Corporate Wellness Consultants she developed and presented trainings for corporations and organizations in the areas of team building, conflict resolution, stress management and gender issues in the workplace. Additionally, Kaplan organized and developed an early intervention program for Incarnation Children’s Center, a group residence in NYC, for children who have HIV/AIDS. As the founder of Cannectd WellnessTM , Kaplan successfully treats people using the ‘Whole Life Plan (WLP),’ her signature integrative approach to well-being. Cannabis oils have proven to be the perfect complementary medicine that supports individuals in their journey of optimal health.

In 2011, Kaplan was honored to be recognized by Congressman Alcee L. Hastings for her extraordinary efforts in abuse treatment for adults and children. ‘She has worked tirelessly through her ‘Can’t Tell Foundation,’ to give hope to victims of domestic and sexual abuse and children who are plagued by bullying.’

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Laura Kellerman

District Manager Florida, INSA

Webinars Featuring Laura Kellerman

Managing Anxiety, Stress, and Pain with Medical Marijuana (in-person seminar in the Villages, Florida) / November 16, 2022

Read more about Laura Kellerman
Laura brings more than 25 years of experience as a field leader to Insa. As District Manager for Florida, Laura is focused on building strong and passionate teams that are dedicated to ensuring the best possible patient experience across all locations. Prior to joining Insa, Laura was busy working to help the world see better by driving business development at Sunglass Hut and Lenscrafters. She has also spent time as an office manager for a family physician where she learned about the benefits of medical marijuana from patients. Being at Insa has enabled her to bring these two worlds together. A resident of The Villages, Laura loves to garden and spend time with her husband, Nathan. You will also find her out and about, enjoying some free time at the squares in The Villages.
Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Emily Laniak

NW Regional Outreach Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Emily Laniak
Read more about Emily Laniak

For her whole adult life, Emily has been a Chronic Illness Warrior. After 7 years of trying different medications and therapies without success, her doctor directed her to a clinic who could recommend medical marijuana. With no background in cannabis whatsoever, she became a patient in 2017, and quickly started to get her life back.

A few years later, after experiencing a huge life status change, Emily made the decision to enter back into the working world in the medical marijuana field. Over the next 3+ years, she's worked her way up through retail as a cannabis advisor, dispensary management and is now the Northwest Regional Outreach Manager for MÜV. Emily's passion and personal experience gives her the ability to help patients and doctors alike, understand the benefits of medical marijuana and how it has the potential to change a life!

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Seth Leverence

SW Regional Outreach Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Seth Leverence
Read more about Seth Leverence

Seth is the SW Regional Outreach Manager with MÜV by Verano with a long history of outside sales and sales management in the specialty pharmacy and cannabis industries. He specializes in building sales through education and territory development, with a primary focus on patient care and the overall success of MÜV throughout the state of Florida.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Danielle Lewis

Assistant General Manager, Harvest of Longwood

Webinars Featuring Danielle Lewis
Read more about Danielle Lewis

My name is Danielle Lewis and I have been working with Harvest since we opened our Longwood location in March of 2019. My absolute favorite thing about this job is learning everything I can about cannabis and how it is improving lives in so many different ways, for so many different people. I am excited about the opportunity to meet and speak with you all!

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Joshua Littrell

Founder and Managing Director, Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Read more about Joshua Littrell

The mission of Veterans For Cannabis is to reduce deaths associated with accidental overdose of narcotic pain medication and reducing the suffering associated with PTSD, which directly contributes to over 50 Veteran lives lost a day. To achieve that mission, Veterans For Cannabis has a vision of being accountable for the product and services we provide through 3 core values: Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do.

Founder Joshua Littrell spent six years on active duty with the US Air Force, and is a combat veteran and bioenvironmental engineer.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Marc Matoza, Series Host

President and Founder, Marijuana Med Today

Read more about Marc Matoza

Marc Matoza is a medical cannabis enthusiast and research professional who was instrumental in founding Marijuana Aware education events. He’s been speaking at these seminars and webinars since the very first in June 2016 and is key in coordinating sponsors and speakers for each series.

Read about Medical Marijuana Awareness Webinars
Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Nick Maginsky

Regional Sales Director, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Nick Maginsky
Read more about Nick Maginsky

Nick Maginsky is a Flagler College Graduate and certified by the Trichome Institute as a Level 1 Interpener. While he is fairly new to the Florida Medical Marijuana industry, Nick is a longtime enthusiast and supporter of cannabis as a medical product. He is grateful to be a part of MÜV’s team working with patients here in Florida, offering paths to a positive cannabis journey.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Michelle San Miguel

SE Regional Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Michelle San Miguel
Read more about Michelle San Miguel

Michelle San Miguel is the Southeast Regional Outreach Manager for MÜV by Verano with 4+ years of experience in the Cannabis Industry specializing in customer service, physician engagement, operational logistics development, and community outreach. Michelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Florida International University. Born and raised in Miami, FL Michelle is a first-generation Cuban – American.
Following personal sports injuries and the Alzheimer’s diagnosis of her grandparents, cannabis sparked her interest when she found the benefits of its use more favorable over pharmaceutical medication. She strides to break taboos within the Hispanic community by engaging with local organizations throughout the state and educating on the benefits of cannabis.
Within the last 5 years Michelle has participated in numerous events throughout the state of Florida and has spoken on topics such as Women in the Cannabis industry, Marketing & Strategies and the Future of Cannabis. In
 her spare time she enjoys traveling, skydiving, and spending time with her friends and 9yr old blue nose pit bull.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Tatiana Millan

Physician and Community Educator, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Tatiana Millan

Seniors & Medical Marijuana / September 29, 2021

Read more about Tatiana Millan

Originally from Colombia, Tatiana Millan grew up in the multicultural city of Miami. She is part of Trulieve’s Community Education Team managing the South Florida for almost a year. Tatiana had been medicating for years before entering the industry, and knowing the benefits of the plant, after hours of research, countless conversations and firsthand experience, Tatiana wanted to transition from the Design & Beauty industry to cannabis, as she says it aligns with her own personal values. Starting with in the company in retail department, Tatiana got to experience real life testimonials on which that experience still helps her today to understand the needs of the patients and ultimately share that knowledge with the community and physicians.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Jeff Miller

Central Florida Sales Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Jeff Miller

Sleep & Medical Marijuana / September 22, 2021

Read more about Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller is the Central Florida Sales Manager for MÜV. He began his professional career in pharmaceuticals, specifically antidepressants, and worked closely with practitioners, physicians, and pain management physicians.

While a believer in modern medicine, Jeff learned through personal experience that cannabis could benefit the patients that were being prescribed the SSRIs he brought to physicians. In 2014, he committed to the form of alternative medicine by joining the cannabis industry. He was an integral member of San Felasco Nurseries, the winner of the 6th medical cannabis license in the state of Florida.

Jeff’s career came full-circle when he recognized the need for not just patient educators, but physician and clinic educators. He leveraged his existing physician relationships to better support all members of Florida’s medical marijuana community.

He brought his experience in the medical marijuana space and pharmaceutical companies to MÜV in January of 2021. Jeff’s passion lies in educating patients on the benefits of medical cannabis as alternative medicine and provide caring support to recommending physicians and their clinics. Jeff received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Shorter University.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Sarah Mitchell

Community Educator

Webinars Featuring Sarah Mitchell
Read more about Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell is a Trulieve Community Educator who works hand-in-hand with physicians, patients, and partners in Gainesville, Tallahassee, and the Panhandle providing in-depth knowledge of Trulieve, their products, and appropriate dosing recommendations for their patients. Prior to joining Trulieve, Sarah earned her degrees from the University of Colorado Denver, had the opportunity to work for several professional sports organizations, and was a Certified Personal Trainer focusing solely on Medical Marijuana patients and their conditions.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Don Moxley

Director of Applied Science and Brand Development, Longevity Labs
Science Advisor,  Mendi

Webinars Featuring Don Moxley
Read more about Don Moxley

"Understanding and directing individual changes that alleviate suffering and contribute to the betterment of well people.”

This is how Don Moxley describes what he does as an exercise physiologist and sport scientist. He operates with a mission rather than being confined by definition, and feels that it has brought him to interesting places he would otherwise have never had the opportunity to explore.

In May 2020 Don began working as Director of Applied Science and Brand Development at Longevity Labs, a nutritional supplement company founded in Austria. Their flagship product is SpermidineLife, a daily nutritional supplement that has been shown to trigger autophagy, a key element of longevity.

Don has 30+ years of experience in classroom and industry leadership which honed his ability to communicate complex concepts simply, allowing for a better understanding by students, changed behaviors in athletes, and progress in brand and customer development. The cornerstone of Don's practice is using technology to give athletes and exercisers in cardiovascular and resilience training programs the ability to track their daily performance.

Don Moxley also serves as Science Advisor to Mendi, a cannabis products company founded in Portland Oregon by Rachel Rapinoe, Kendra Freeman, and Brett Swagger. Mendi’s mission is to “improve athletes' lives using nature’s best recovery tools.” Mendi does this by sticking to core values of being revolutionary, healthy, and inclusive.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Dr. Terel Newton, MD

Medical Director, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Dr. Terel Newton
Read more about Dr. Terel Newton

Dr. Newton specializes in creating comprehensive care plans for acute and chronic pain patients. He is a board certified anesthesiologist with fellowship training in Interventional Pain management and holds multiple additional certifications, not limited to: treating opioid dependence and Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Medical Director. 

While his focus is on Non-Surgical Interventional Techniques, he is also trained and experienced in spinal cord stimulation and radiofrequency ablation procedures. He serves as a mentor to medical students, practicing physicians, and other professionals interested in interventional pain management and the medical cannabis industry. Dr. Newton has hosted and presented on a wide variety of topics around the country including innovative pain treatments, advanced interventional procedures, regenerative medicine,  clinical applications of medical cannabis and other topics at conferences, webinars, social media interviews, television segments, medical cannabis dispensary tours and other educational events. He has also contributed to clinical research on using medical cannabis to help patients wean down on multiple drug classes - opioids, antidepressants, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, sedative hypnotics for sleep and other medications that may have severe and potentially deadly side effects.

He currently serves as the Medical Director for Trulieve dispensary and holds active medical licenses in Florida and North Carolina. He continues to seek opportunities to collaborate with organizations and individuals advocating for healthcare providers and patients throughout the country.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Saudia Newman

Quality Assurance & Customer Care Manager, Verano

Webinars Featuring Saudia Newman

Routes of Administration / March 15, 2022

Read more about Saudia Newman
Saudia came to MÜV in 2019 with 5+ years of previous cannabis experience within the cultivation / retail side of the industry here in Florida and California, previously working as a processing and harvest supervisor. She now spends her day to day managing the Quality Assurance sub department and the customer care team within Verano providing education to employees, patients, and members of the cannabis industry in both the medical and recreational markets nationwide. Saudia has a huge passion for the industry and is an advocate for the medicinal benefit of the plant.
Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Kate Palazzolo

Regional Sales Manager, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Kate Palazzolo
Read more about Kate Palazzolo

Kate Palazzolo holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Education. She believes strongly in the healing benefits of cannabis and its use as an alternative to Western medicine. Her mission is to bring awareness and education about alternative forms of medicine to physicians and their patients.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Jenifer Perdomo

The 2022 webinar series is dedicated in loving memory to Jenifer Perdomo

Webinars Featuring Jenifer Perdomo
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Jenifer Perdomo was Trulieve's Miami Dade and Monroe County Community Educator, as well as a cancer thriver, a medical marijuana patient and advocate, and mother to 3 adult children.
In her role at Trulieve, Jenifer was responsible for hands-on education regarding Trulieve’s Medical Cannabis products as well as ensuring that physicians had the most up-to-date information to provide the best patient experience possible.

After experiencing life-threatening stage 3 cervical cancer, Jenifer was prescribed a long list of medications for pain amongst other symptoms-- medications that none of her doctors could agree on as being the best protocol for treatment. That all changed when medical marijuana became an option for Florida residents, and Jenifer was able to ditch the pills and find the mental and physical relief that she hadn’t felt since prior to her cancer diagnosis. She knew it was time to leave the corporate healthcare world and help others navigate this new option to taking charge of their health.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Levitt Perez

Community Educator, Trulieve

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Edibles / September 8, 2021

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Levitt Perez was born in Orlando, Florida and grew up right here in the Sunshine State. He started his career in the US Navy soon after graduating high school, where he worked in aviation on the USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear aircraft carrier. He was deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom and The Global War On Terror.

After separating from the Navy, Levitt volunteered with the Virginia Hemp Coalition. While deployed, he sustained injuries which were treated first with traditional pharmaceuticals, and was later able to treat them with medical cannabis. After experiencing a long and difficult health journey firsthand, Levitt committed to help others transition to care with medical cannabis, as well as worked with Mission Zero to help raise awareness of veteran suicide. It was through this work that he was first connected with Trulieve. He was impressed by their commitment to patients, and is proud to now be part of Trulieve's Community Education Team.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Saige Petzen

Community Educator, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Saige Petzen
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Saige Petzen began working for Trulieve in 2018, initially as a Patient Consultant and soon promoted to Community Educator. In 2020, she took a short break to complete her Master of Health Administration degree at USF. She reconnected with Trulieve in 2022 and has continued to curate working relationships with medical professionals and community partners in order to normalize the use of medical cannabis and provide product and industry knowledge to those looking to find natural relief.

Saige was one of the first patients in the Florida MMJ program at the age of 17 and has been devoted to spreading the "good green word" since finding relief with medical cannabis herself. She is a passionate advocate, educator, and professional and is always looking for new ways to get involved in the community. She is a Saint Petersburg native and enjoys sunshine and time with her two beagles!

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Alyssa Quintana

Series Content Creator, Cannachats (later MMAW)
Representative, Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida

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Alyssa Quintana works collaboratively with doctors and nurses of MMTC to provide quality cannabis education to patients and staff. Throughout her career and her extensive research, she has discovered the proven benefits of medical cannabis that had the power to genuinely help many people! Since then, she has become a resource for them –a Medical Cannabis Social Worker, if you will– and is dedicated to providing quality cannabis care.

Alyssa created CannaChats, a series of interactive educational events held within medical marijuana clinics for patients to learn about and discuss various aspects of medical cannabis. Her academic journey began with a focus on mental health and a passion for holistic healing, incorporating our whole selves: mind, body, and spirit in order to wholly treat symptoms. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology and recently received her Masters in Social Work at Wichita State University.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Dr. Bruce Rubinowicz

Medical Marijuana Doctor, Maxxam CBD

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Dr. Bruce Rubinowicz received his medical degree from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his neurology residency at the University of Texas and a sleep medicine fellowship at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. Dr. Rubinowicz had a private practice in the Nashville area for 18 years before moving to South Florida and has well over 20 years of experience. His care philosophy is to be a patient advocate, providing full service and care to avoid unnecessary or costly referrals and outside testing.

“I have had the unique experience of being both a patient and a provider. My experience as a patient [undergoing evaluation and treatment of cancer] exposed me to the deficiencies in the health care system. As a provider, I have seen too many times when patients have undergone unnecessary tests and treatment. Even family and friends have been subjected to tests and treatment that was unnecessary and did nothing to improve their care. I have had the unique pleasure and opportunity to help many people and wanted to find a way to help more people. We have a health care system where patients are undergoing more tests, surgery, and therapies [at additional cost] without improved outcomes."

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Noah Shaw

Sales Manager of NE Florida, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Noah Shaw

Pain Management & Medical Marijuana / June 16, 2021
Arthritis & Medical Marijuana / February 17, 2021
Anxiety, Stress, & Medical Marijuana / November 11, 2020

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Noah Shaw is the Sales Manager of Northeast Florida for MÜV™ by AltMed Florida. Noah joined the company in spring of 2020. MÜV Products have received national recognition and are currently in the Florida, Arizona and Ohio medical cannabis markets.

He began his career as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch in Jacksonville, but soon pivoted to the cannabis space in California. There, Noah learned the science of the plant, compliance in the cannabis industry and seed-to-sale growing. He assisted in pushing the approval of state applications for dispensary operations and helped execute mergers and acquisitions of brands.

Noah was drawn to the cannabis industry when his wife was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014. She was pregnant with their first child and had to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and stem cell transplants. Throughout her treatments, he met other patients diagnosed with cancer who successfully used medical cannabis to curb the negative impacts of the traditional, yet aggressive therapies. Their successes are what inspired Noah to leave the investment world for the medical cannabis space and to eventually join what he believes to be the best medical cannabis company in Florida.

Noah studied at the University of Auburn in his home state of Alabama. His wife is now cancer-free, and their son is four years old.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Arnetra Shettleworth

Vice President of Operations, Southern Region, Columbia Care

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Born and raised in Miami, FL. A graduate of the University of Florida with an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. I’ve had an extensive career in highly competitive, service-intensive environments where success greatly depends on inspiring and engaging highly diverse teams. I’ve developed an innate ability to attract high performing individuals that will completely fulfill and exceed expectations.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Donna Shields, MS, RDN

Co-founder, Holistic Cannabis Academy & Cannabis Consultant

Webinars Featuring Donna Shields, MS, RDN
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Donna Shields is co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy, an online training program for anyone interested in building a career in cannabis care and coaching. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, Donna began her career in the US Army Medical Corps, acted as spokesperson for Fortune 100 food brands, and managed global health communications for The Coca-Cola Company. She’s been a freelance food and nutrition writer, full-time faculty at the Culinary Institute of America, and authored several cookbooks including contributions to The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook. Donna’s consulting business includes working with CBD brands, cannabis retreats in Colorado, and business coaching to help professionals in the US and UK launch their cannabis careers. Her new blog on cannabis careers can be found here.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

"Cannabis Cheri" Sicard

Author & Instructor,

Webinars Featuring Cheri Sicard

Cooking with Marijuana ft. Cheri Sicard / February 16, 2022

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Cheri Sicard was a published, professional writer and food editor when she first got interested in cannabis. At the same time she had just sold her award winning food and travel websites to SheKnows Media and found herself between businesses. That fortuitous timing allowed her the luxury of immersing herself in the topic of marijuana and edibles.

Fast forward 20 years and cannabis became Cheri’s livelihood. Her website has become a hub of credible cannabis information and recipes, and she has written three books about the subject, so far.

Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women, released in 2015, is a great general guide to marijuana and the cannabis lifestyle that has helped scores of women come out of the cannabis closet.

Her 2012 Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook (Z-Dog Media) and 2018's The Easy Cannabis Cookbook, which was released to both public and critical acclaim, have made Cheri one of the world’s most popular marijuana food writers.

Cheri has also turned thousands of home consumers into competent cannabis cooks and topicals makers via her comprehensive online courses at

Cheri's cannabis articles and recipes can be found in High Times, Kitchen Toke, Civilized, Cannabis Now, Culture, Herb, and many more.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Zack Swan

Sales and Marketing Director,  MÜV™ by AltMed Florida

Webinars Featuring Zack Swan

Meet MÜV / November 4, 2020
Post-Traumatic Stress & Medical Marijuana / August 4, 2020

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Zack Swan is the Sales and Marketing Director of AltMed Florida. He joined from AltMed Arizona, bringing a year of experience in a mature medical marijuana market to the Florida operation. He is the lead educator of the MÜV Products line for physicians and the community in the state. Mr. Swan brings experience from two startups in the food and tech industries and nearly three years in the Cannabis industry. He studied International Studies at Boston University and is currently pursuing his MBA at Villanova University.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Jacody Swor

Community Educator, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Jacody Swor

Multiple Sclerosis & Medical Marijuana / June 23, 2021

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Jacody Swor is a Trulieve Community Educator covering S. Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Highlands, Glades, and Hardee counties. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and management in 2010. He has experience growing cannabis on a large scale in the mountains of California from 2011-2015 and has been a staunch advocate for legalization.

Jacody started with Trulieve as a entry level Patient Consultant on the front lines of the showroom floor and in the three years he's been with Trulieve he has worked in nearly every customer-facing retail position. Routinely, he is educating clinics and their staff of the benefits of cannabis as a medicine, as his main objective is helping out fellow patients and educating the community on all things cannabis.

Cameron Vance

Cameron Vance, PharmD

Pharmacist, Medical Marijuana Specialist
Chief Information Officer, Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida

Webinars Featuring Cameron Vance, PharmD
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Cameron Vance is an experienced leader in pharmacy operations management, practice development, team management, performance metrics, accreditation, training, planning, and physician marketing and education. His doctorate in pharmacy is from West Virginia University, and he is a professional member of the American Pharmacists Association and The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Cameron is a multifaceted pharmacist with diverse experiences in the fields of community, compounding, veteran, psychiatric, and hospital pharmacy. His special interests are in medicinal cannabis, pain management, neurology, and endocrinology.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Ron Watson

Director of Governmental Relations, MÜV by Verano

Webinars Featuring Ron Watson
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Ron Watson is the Director of Governmental Relations for MÜV by Verano, as well as the Northwest Florida Outreach Coordinator. During his time in this role, he served a year as Executive Director for the Florida Society of Cannabis Physicians in Tallahassee, Florida. Ron is also the founder and president of Watson Strategies, a full-service lobbying firm specializing in healthcare-related subjects. Watson Strategies was key to the passage of the original “Charlotte’s Web / Low-THC Cannabis” bill in Florida, and the passage of SB 8-A which implements Amendment 2. He previously lobbied for physicians and dentists with the Florida Medical Association (FMA), the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA), and the Florida Dental Association (FDA). He has had extensive political involvement with patient advocacy and grassroots organizations, as well as experience organizing and managing political action committees.

Ron Watson has over 31 years of experience in Florida political, regulatory, and lobbying endeavors with government and major healthcare associations. During this time, he developed excellent relationships with leaders throughout the Florida government. He has a comprehensive knowledge of laws, rules, budgets, and regulations concerning medical, dental, pharmaceutical, tort reform, and insurance issues.

Webinars Featuring Dr. Michelle Weiner
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Dr. Michelle Weiner is double board certified in Interventional Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Spine and Wellness Centers of America. She completed her residency and fellowship training at the University of Miami. She practices personalized medicine focusing on the root cause and offering individualized holistic treatment options.

Dr. Weiner empowers her patients to heal all aspects of their lives through activation of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Her philosophy is to promote lifestyle changes through nutrition, movement, natural supplementation such as botanicals like CBD and Cannabis. Dr. Weiner uses a goal oriented approach to optimize wellbeing. She is chair on the Florida’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee.

This unique approach of personalized medicine improves quality of life and decreases pharmaceuticals while treating conditions such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

She is faculty at Florida International University (FIU) where she conducts her research on using Cannabis as a substitute for opioids in chronic pain patients. She is also faculty and a Preceptor at Nova Southeastern University college of medicine in which she educates the medical students through shadowing opportunities in her office. Dr. Weiner is faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Cassidy Welch

Community Educator, Trulieve

Webinars Featuring Cassidy Welch
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Cassidy Welch is a cannabis advocate and registered clinical social work intern. Upon entering a role with Trulieve in January 2019, Cassidy worked part time as a Patient Consultant at the Deerfield Beach dispensary throughout her graduate studies. She’s worked in the past with both adolescents and geriatrics as a social worker, cannabis consultant, and in August 2020 became a Community Educator for Trulieve. Cassidy believes cannabis can help ease a variety of ailments, including mood disorders and physical pain for patients of any age.