Cooking with Marijuana, featuring “Cannabis Cheri” Sicard

Medical Marijuana Awareness Post-Webinar Resources

The Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended the February 16th Medical Marijuana Awareness & Wellness  webinar on Cooking with Medical Marijuana!

Watch the video on our YouTube Channel! Your questions and comments during the live Q&A helped to make a great source of information for the next person seeking treatment.

Speakers featured in this webinar were host Marc Matoza and Cheri Sicard, Author, Educator, Advocate and Cassidy Welch, Community Educator for Trulieve.

Ongoing Education

We’ve partnered with medical marijuana education experts to provide you with further resources on the topic of Medical Marijuana Cooking.

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Meet the Speakers

What are Edibles?

  • MMTCFL Chronic Conditions Resources
  • Delivery Methods for Cannabis Consumption – Inhalation, Oral and Topical

Materials from the Webinar

  • View the slides from the live presentation
  • How CBD Oil Affects Chronic Pain and Inflammation with Thomas DeLauer
  • Weed (Parts 1-4) with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Cannachats Recommended Reading

  • More Edible information
  • Basics of Medical Marijuana in Florida

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Cannabis by Cheri

Our goal is to cut through the reefer madness propaganda, as well as the marketing hype, and provide you with the straight dope about cannabis and how it can improve your health and your life.

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Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Gummies →

Have you had problems trying to make cannabis gummies?  You are not alone! Making great cannabis gummies takes some insider know-how.   With author and cannabis cooking expert Cheri Sicard’s help you’ll never be disappointed in your homemade cannabis gummies again.


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Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida

With 25+ clinic locations and partner physicians, we provide the absolute highest level of patient care in the state, at your convenience. Call today or visit our website to schedule your risk-free cannabis consultation. If you do not qualify, you will not be charged for the consultation.

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Meet the Speakers

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Marc Matoza, Series Host

President and Founder, Marijuana Med Today

Read more about Marc Matoza

Marc is a technology and business development manager with expertise in technology, database, cybersecurity, and online/web/mobile computing. As an inventor, computer scientist, and entrepreneur, he has developed innovative tech products including a leading relational database, multiple digital multilingual dictionaries, a digital bilingual reference/grammar-checking word processing add-on, golf [sports] swing video capture & analysis solutions, and certified safe anti-microbial environments.

Marc’s multinational background includes technology and corporate management experience with Hewlett Packard, Netscape Communications, Ashton-Tate, AlphaGraphics SA, MarcTech SA/LLC, and Swing Solutions. This includes managing operations in Europe, Latin America, Canada, and the USA. He has a Computer Science Degree from California Polytechnic State University.

Read about Medical Marijuana Awareness Webinars
Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

"Cannabis Cheri" Sicard

Author & Instructor,

Read more about Cheri Sicard

Cheri Sicard was already a published, professional writer and food editor when she first got interested in cannabis. Fast forward 20 years and cannabis became Cheri’s livelihood. Her website has become a hub of credible cannabis information and recipes, and she has written three books about the subject, so far. Cheri has also turned thousands of home consumers into competent cannabis cooks and topicals makers via her comprehensive online courses at Her cannabis articles and recipes can be found in High Times, Kitchen Toke, Civilized, Cannabis Now, Herb, and many more.

Webinars Featuring Cheri Sicard

Cooking with Marijuana ft. Cheri Sicard / February 16, 2022

Joshua Littrell, Founder and Managing Director of the Veterans for Cannabis Foundation

Cassidy Welch

Community Educator, Trulieve

Read more about Cassidy Welch

Cassidy Welch is a cannabis advocate and registered clinical social work intern. Upon entering a role with Trulieve in January 2019, Cassidy worked part time as a Patient Consultant at the Deerfield Beach dispensary throughout her graduate studies. She’s worked in the past with both adolescents and geriatrics as a social worker, cannabis consultant, and in August 2020 became a Community Educator for Trulieve. Cassidy believes cannabis can help ease a variety of ailments, including mood disorders and physical pain for patients of any age.

Webinars Featuring Cassidy Welch

Cooking with Medical Marijuana: What are Edibles?

An edible is a product (either home made or produced commercially) that contains cannabis or cannabis extract as an active ingredient.

They are snacks, foods, or beverages which contain many of the beneficial compounds of medical cannabis, including CBD and THC, as well as other active compounds. Consuming edibles are an excellent alternative for patients who cannot ingest via smoke, vapor, etc.

Edible cannabis products come in many forms, including:

● Cookies
● Brownies and other baked goods
● Chocolates
● Hard or chewy candies
● Sodas
● Coffee and teas
● Alcoholic beverages
● Sauces or dressings
● Energy drinks

See Also from MMTCFL:

“The oral delivery method includes anything that can be eaten or otherwise administered via the mouth. While cannabis edibles have risen in popularity (and creativity) in recent years, the oral delivery method encompasses more than edibles alone. 

Today the options within this category are nearly endless—everything from cannabinoid-infused drinks to THC-rich capsules is available. In other words, there’s sure to be something that works for everybody. “

See Also from The Cannigma:

Continued Education and Awareness Resources

Materials from the Webinar

“Cytokines are signaling proteins that ultimately recruit inflammation to happen. Cytokines will trigger specific immune cells to release inflammation or actually even reduce inflammation, given the right circumstances. […] CBD actually modulates the cytokine production.”

Weed (Parts 1-3)

CNN Documentary | Dr. Sanjay Gupta, 2013-2015

Weed (Part 4)

CNN Documentary | Dr. Sanjay Gupta, 2016

Dr. Sanjay Gupta‘s enterprise reporting on medical marijuana has led to five documentary films, “Weed,” which were awarded the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award.

Cannachats Recommended Reading

Supplemental Research

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