August 7, 2017 – Pensacola

Medical Marijuana Awareness Day Pensacola

Medical Marijuana Awareness Days are a series of conferences held throughout Florida with a goal to educate the public on the benefits of of medical marijuana with an accessible and balanced platform.

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MMAD Pensacola was the trial run of a new format for the conference. We cut the program down to its most useful components, got rid of the $10 entry thanks to some new sponsor, bumped up the interaction, and were able to hold 2 sessions of the event in one day! Two free sessions made for a very busy day at the venue, but the condensed lineup made it easier for more people to fit the whole thing into their days and join us!

Event Details

City Pensacola
Date August 7, 2017
Session 1pm-4pm, 6pm-9pm
Venue Skopelos at New World

Josephine Krehl on "Applications of Medical Cannabis"

After an introduction by Cameron Vance PharmD, mental health professional Josephine Krehl took the podium to speak about the ways that cannabis applies to specific chronic medical conditions, including her own.

Dispensary Booths

This tabletop by Surterra Wellness is just one example of the many informational displays set up by sponsoring dispensaries, clinics, and resources set around the edges of the room. Each display was accompanied by trained representatives, available to answer questions and share their knowledge with attendees.

Marijuana Med Today

Marijuana Med Today is a medical cannabis research resource website, and co-host of the MMAD events. Team members Linda Bruce and Marc Matoza attend every event to speak and help educate about the best ways to find credible information about cannabis studies, laws, and trials.

Patient Testimonials

At this event, we were lucky enough to have live patient testimonials from patients of MMTC’s Dr. Michelle Beasley. This really opened up discussion, as other users in the crowd felt encouraged to share how medical marijuana had impacted their own lives.

News Coverage

We were lucky enough to have a few news stations interested in the second session of the Pensacola conference, resulting in a short video clip on the 6pm news as well as an ABC3 article and an Inweekly piece.