Meet MÜV! 

Medical Marijuana Awareness Post-Webinar Resources

The Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended the November 4th Medical Marijuana Awareness webinar, Meet MÜV!

Watch the video on our YouTube channel! Your questions and comments during the live Q&A helped to make a great source of information for the next person seeking treatment.


Speakers featured in this webinar were host Marc Matoza, Zack Swan, Sales and Marketing Director for AltMed Florida.

Ongoing Education

We’ve partnered with medical marijuana education experts and MÜV to provide you further resources on your Medical Marijuana dispensary options.

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Overview: Who is MÜV?

Materials from the Webinar

  • Webinar Presentation Slides

MÜV Supplemental Resources

  • More from MÜV
  • Basics of Medical Marijuana in Florida

Who is MÜV?

MÜV cannabis products are created with a cornerstone of scientific Research and Development. The AltMed Florida R&D team is led by PHD Scientists passionate about studying the effects of cannabis and progressing our understanding of cannabis as medicine. This team is comprised of experts on the various chemical compounds found in cannabis, including a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes.

MÜV utilizes an award-winning, proprietary cold ethanol extraction method to produce concentrates and oils. These extracts are the primary building blocks of our product line. Finally, all MÜV products face rigorous internal and third-party testing before going to market

See Also from MÜV:

MÜV Florida provides a variety of delivery methods for medical cannabis products – including several options only available at our dispensaries. Whether it be vaporizers, topicals, or transdermal patches, understanding the benefits of each delivery method is a great starting point in knowing medical cannabis. With this foundation of knowledge, you can make appropriate recommendations for individual patient needs.

Materials from the Webinar

MÜV Supplemental Resources

Basics of Medical Marijuana in Florida


Patient Information Brochure
Medical Marijuana Awareness Webinars, in partnership with MMTCFL

Office of Medical Marijuana Use
Florida Department of Health |


Florida Medical Marijuana Patient Application
Click to Download from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use

Medical Marijuana Patient Webinars

Cannabis 101 with Leafly | Cannabis 101


Suncoast NORML


Hollistic Cannabis Academy

MÜV in the News

Get Your Life Back with Medical Marijuana

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